Risk.net: Hong Kong House of the Year: HSBC

HSBC came out top in Hong Kong, its home market this year, winning plaudits from the region’s hard-to-impress private banks for its strong performance during a choppy July and its backing for the Contineo platform.[…]

The bank is also a vocal cheerleader of the Contineo initiative, an industry-supported multi-issuer platform for equity-linked structured products. Contineo went live on January 20 with the industry’s first open messaging network, designed to act as a high-speed conduit between issuers and their private banking and wealth management distributors. HSBC was one of the seven founding backers.

Pantone says: “Automation will allow the Asia structured product industry to grow and evolve and we expect Contineo to play a big role. Contineo has an experienced management team, best-in-class technology and the backing of the leading derivatives providers in the region. We are excited to be part of it.”

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