SIX Swiss Exchange partners with Hong Kong trading platform Contineo

SIX Swiss Exchange has joined Contineo’s consortium as a strategic partner and investor.Connexor, which is an infrastructure for financial product data, helps in fully automated and cost-efficient management of reference data.

Connexor provides a range of services over the complete life cycle of a financial instrument and enables to meet regulatory obligations such as IRS 871(m) or MiFID II.

The centralized, standardized collection and maintenance of product data allows to simplify workflows and decrease the number of interfaces, providing issuers, data vendors and data recipients with better service.

SIX is expanding the Connexor service to standardize processes along the value chain and the lifecycle management of structured products across the globe.

From the first half of 2018, Connexor life cycle management infrastructure will be available to the customers in the Asian market.

The service allows SIX Swiss Exchange’s shareholders and clients to use set-ups from outside of Europe.

Contineo’s network of issuers, private banks and wealth management firms can also use the infrastructure of SIX to expand structured products of Asia market.

SIX Swiss Exchange division CEO Chris Landis said: “Today, we are very proud to announce the internationalization of Connexor and happy to see that more market participants around the world will enjoy the efficiency gains that our platform has already provided reliably to the Swiss marketplace.”

Contineo CEO Mark Munoz said: “This new partnership confirms our core principals of operating an open and shared network that benefits all financial institutions by reducing cost and increasing efficiency.”

Contineo is an industry supported and open messaging network, which interacts private banks and wealth management firms with issuers of structured products.