Hong Kong, 8 July 2015;Contineo, the industry-backed messaging network for equity-linked structured products, today announced the appointment of Ada Tong as Data Scientist.

CEO Mark Munoz said Ms Tong would be leading Contineo’s development of new data streams and products based on the information generated by the increasing volume on the platform.

“This will be the very first time anyone has been able to quantify the landscape for equity structured products,” he said. “It’s been referred to for years as the ‘black hole of financial products. This week, that all changes.” Ms Tong’s initial work will focus on providing product distributors with useful information around liquidity, helping to inform their work in building new, efficient strategies and improve the performance for relationship managers.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to build new data products with an innovative new firm like Contineo,” she said. “The world of data science is expanding exponentially right now – it’s the perfect time to apply the science to the structured products world to create better, more efficient outcomes for everyone throughout the value chain.”

Ms Tong started her career in actuarial consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sydney. In Australia, she also worked for Quantium, providing analytics consulting to retail, insurance, banking and airline clients. She moved to Hong Kong three years ago and led the Modelling & Insights team at Asia Miles, where her team analysed customer behavior to drive better customer experiences and business outcomes. She has also worked for DemystData, a Hong Kong based startup focused on accessing alternate data sources for use in financial services. Currently, she also practises as an analytics and data science consultant, as part of Cooper Tong Consulting.

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About Contineo Limited:

Contineo is the first industry supported, open messaging network for private banks and wealth management firms to access issuers of structured products. Together we are a community with a shared vision and purpose.

We believe that technology should be intuitive, easy to access, and available to all participants. This means creating an open messaging standard in concert with the buy-side and sell-side, and enabling access to all parties, including other certified technology vendors. This mission is shared by our current subscribers, who recognize the importance of an open, efficient and transparent network.